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  • Talk: ".NET Rights-based Security Development", 1/5/2006

    FYI…I’ll be speaking at the Boston Beantown.NET User Group on 1/5/2006 on “.NET Rights-based Security Development”. Here’s the abstract: The .NET security principal classes (WindowsPrincipal, GenericPrincipal) help you secure your application by checking if a user is a member of a “role”. For example, only members of “HR” role can view employee information. What if […]

  • NHibernate ASP.NET Sample for Visual Studio 2005

    I’ve updated my NHibernate sample application to use NHibernate 1.0, Visual Studio 2005, and SQL Server 2005. It’s available for download here.  I’m working on writing a custom membership provider using NHibernate but for now the login is hard-coded.  The user name is “admin” and the password is “password”.  -Ben Update (11/5/2005): In order to […]

  • I'll be speaking at VSLive! San Francisco on NHibernate and Security

    Exciting news!  (For me, anyway.)  I’m going to be giving two talks at the VSLive! conference in San Francisco.  On January 31, I’ll be discussing “Rights-based” security (rather than “Role-based” security) systems and how to implement one using a custom ASP.NET Membership Provider.  Then on February 1, I’ll be doing an overview session on developing ASP.NET […]

  • NHibernate 1.0

    NHibernate 1.0 has been released. More to come…. -Ben

  • New version of Oracle Developer Tools For Visual Studio .NET

    There’s a new version of the Oracle Developer Tools For Visual Studio .NET (ODT).  I haven’t tried it yet but the previous version was pretty decent.  Finally Oracle gives us some decent dev tools for the .NET environment.  It has always boggled the mind why Oracle has made accessing it’s database from Microsoft platforms so completely […]