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Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 2 & Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 Installation Guide

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Lab 02:                    Install Microsoft Office & Microsoft Project

In order to use the integration between Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Office & Microsoft Project, you need to install these products before you install Team Explorer. With Team System 2010, Team Explorer is installed as part of the Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 installer so this means we need to install Office and Project before we install Ultimate.

TFS allows you to edit Work Items with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project.

Install Microsoft Office

         Insert your Microsoft Office installer CD into your DVD drive

         Click Run SETUP.EXE


You値l be prompted for your Office license key.

         Enter your Product Key

         Click Continue


         Read the license terms

         Check I accept the terms of this agreement

         Click Continue


You should now be on the Choose the installation you want dialog. At this point, you can either click Install Now or click Customize and edit the features that will be installed. For this guide, we値l be editing the installed features so that we only install the features required for the TFS integration.

         Click Customize to edit the installation options


We only need Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office Word. We値l now turn off the features we don稚 need.


To disable a feature, you値l click on the icon to the left of the feature name (indicated below by the arrow) and then choose Not Available from the menu.

         Set the following features to Not Available:

o   Microsoft Office Access

o   Microsoft Office Groove

o   Microsoft Office InfoPath

o   Microsoft Office OneNote

o   Microsoft Office Outlook

o   Microsoft Office PowerPoint

o   Microsoft Office Publisher

o   Microsoft Office Visio Viewer

         Click Install Now



         Click Close

Office is now installed.


Install Microsoft Project

Now you値l install Microsoft Project.

         Insert your Microsoft Project installer CD

         Click Run SETUP.EXE




You should now be on the Enter your Product Key dialog.

         Enter your Product Key for Microsoft Project 2007

         Click Continue


         Read the license terms

         Check I accept the terms of this agreement

         Click Continue


         Click Install Now




         Click Close

Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 is now installed.

Check Windows Update for Patches

Now that Project and Office have been installed, you should go to Windows Update and check for updates for your computer.





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