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Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 2 & Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 Installation Guide

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Lab 03:                    Install Visual Studio Ultimate 2010

This lab will walk you through the process of installing Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 on your machine. 


If you want integration between Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Office, make sure that have installed and patched Microsoft Office before starting the installation of Ultimate.

Install Visual Studio Ultimate 2010

·         Insert your installation disk for Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 in to your DVD drive

·         Click Run autorun.exe


You should now see the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Setup dialog.

·         Click Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 link to run the Ultimate installer


The installer will now run some pre-setup tasks. 

·         Click Next


·         Read the license terms

·         Select I have read and accept the license terms option

·         Click Next


You should now be on the Select features to install page.

·         Select Full

·         Click Install


The installation should now be running.



You should now be on the Finish Page.

·         Click Finish to exit this installer and return to the setup main menu


·         Click Exit

Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 is now installed.

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