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  • Visual Studio 2012 Load Testing with Custom Performance Counters, Visual Studio Magazine, October 2012, (view)
  • Tombstoning and the Zen of Async for Windows Phone, MSDN Magazine, October 2012, (view)
  • Levels of TFS Build Automation, Visual Studio Magazine, July 2011, (view)
  • Don’t Combine the Scrum Master and Architect, Redmond Developer News, June 2011, (view)
  • Scrum Dysfunction: Beware of the Rewrite Project, Redmond Developer News, April 2011, (view)
  • 6 Model-View-ViewModel Tips: Leverage ViewModel and Unit Test Silverlight and WP7 Apps, Visual Studio Magazine, April 2011, (view)
  • Load Testing with Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio Magazine, July 2010, (view)
  • Web Performance Testing with Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio Magazine, June 2010, (view)
  • Build and unit test Windows Azure projects from TFS Team Build,, November 2009, (view)
  • Run Visual Studio Web Tests from a Team Foundation Server Build,, November 2009, (view)
  • Eliminate Database Dependencies in Test-Driven Development, Visual Studio Magazine, September 2009, (view)
  • Enhance VSTS Development, Visual Studio Magazine, November 1, 2006, (view)
  • Streamline TFS Permissions Management, Visual Studio Magazine, July 24, 2006, (view)
  • Deploy Supporting Files as Part of Your VSTS Unit Tests, Visual Studio Magazine, July 24, 2006, (view)


  • Microsoft Azure In 2012: Watch Out Amazon?, InformationWeek, January 4, 2012, (view)
  • Moving software architects into the business analyst role, SD Times, August 2011,
  • Visual Studio 2010: Enabling ALM, Visual Studio Magazine, July 2010, (view)
  • Microsoft preps massive cloud expansion, The Register, March 19, 2009, (view)
  • Developing cloud apps: What’s different?, InfoWorld, March 3, 2009, (view)

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