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We help teams get productive, cut waste, and deliver great software.

Looking for help with Scrum, Azure DevOps, Team Foundation Server (TFS), software development or technical leadership? We can help.

Our Services

Training & Coaching

Want to be more Agile? Looking for an Agile transformation? Need Scrum training or someone to help your Scrum teams improve their delivery game? We can help. We offer a variety of Scrum courses. We also can embed with your teams to help them develop their Agile & Scrum “muscle memory”.  

Ever get the feeling that one or more of your teams just isn’t “clicking” and kind of needs a therapist? Do you suspect there’s a general malaise in your development organization? Do you need someone to work with your executives to improve software delivery practices at the organization level? We can help with that, too. 

Azure DevOps, Team Foundation Server, .NET Core

Azure DevOps formerly known as Team Foundation Server (TFS)   can help your teams communicate more efficiently and be more productive and successful delivering great software products. It can also help  with your DevOps automation concerns through automated builds, automated deployments & releases, automated testing, integration with Microsoft Azure, and more. 

We’ve been doing this for years and we can help.

Need some help upgrading your existing TFS or Azure DevOps installation?  Want to migrate to the Azure DevOps cloud?  Need to  convert your Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) to Git?  We can help with that, too.

Architecture, Development, & QA Best Practices

Software development doesn’t have to be painful and software testing doesn’t have to be a magical black box. We can help your developers learn and adopt the skills to help them to build high-quality, maintainable code. We can help your QA testers plan and manage their work to help ensure quality in your final product. 

We’ll help everyone learn to work together so that quality becomes something you think about every day rather than something you think about at the last second.

Not sure how to best use Microsoft Azure?  We can help with that, too.

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