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HOWTO: Fix Quickbooks Online Banking after bank name change

My bank’s name just changed and although they insisted up and down that this would make no different to my life, they were wrong.  The name change killed my Quickbooks 2004 Online Banking integration.  I used to be able to download my bank statements right into Quickbooks…but that broke.  It said something like “cannot complete download of bank information because the institution name has changed.”  Uhhhmmmm….ok….swell…now what?

After much hunting around various menus in QuickBooks and zero help from my bank (who’s instructions on how to set up Quickbooks are wrong even before the name change), I found the answer.

  1. Open Quickbooks

  2. Go to the “Lists“ menu and choose “Chart Of Accounts“

  3. Find your bank in the account list

  4. Right click the account name and choose “Edit“

  5. Click the “general info“ tab

  6. Change the “name“ field to the new value

  7. Enjoy



One response to “HOWTO: Fix Quickbooks Online Banking after bank name change”

  1. Kat Avatar

    To add to my comment… changing info on the General Info tab didn’t do it – had to click the Online Services tab, then call the new bank and find out what the routing number and customer ID should be, corrected those, and now… for an additional $9.95 per month with the new bank… I can download directly into QB. Phew.

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