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Import Visual SourceSafe into Team Foundation Server

I did a Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation Server conversion today using VSSConverter. 

It was surprisingly painless except for 2 issues.

1. The documentation says that you need to install SQLExpress in order to do the migration.  This made me go and install SQLExpress before I noticed that later in the documentation it says that you can use SQL Server.  Add the “SQL” element to the “Source“ configuration section of your migration config and you’re good to go:

2. I wanted to map all VSS activity done by “admin” to my username on the TFS box, “bendaytfsbenday”.  I put the line into the usermap.xml file to map to that user and ran the converter. 

ERROR: TF60014:  The username BENDAYTFSBENDAY in the user map file C:tempvssToTfsUsermap.xml is invalid.

ERROR: TF60087:  Failed to initialize user mapper

I’m running my TFS in workgroup authentication mode (not domain authentication mode) and that user is defined on the TFS machine.  I’ve gotten so used to fully-qualifying usernames for installers but it turns out that this one didn’t want it.  I changed the mapping to say just “benday” (instead of “bendaytfsbenday”) and everything worked. 



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