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Team Foundation Server & Team System @ VSLive Boston and VSLive Dallas

I’m going to be speaking at VSLive Boston and VSLive Dallas on Team System and Team Foundation Server. 

The title of the talk is “Team Foundation Server: Beyond the GUI”.  Here’s the abstract:

Did you know that Team Foundation Server (TFS) has an API to control, customize and consume almost any piece of TFS functionality, including version control, the build system and work items? Did you know that there’s a command-line interface to the version control system called “TF” with 33 sub-commands? When you go beyond the GUI, you’ll have a deeper understanding of TFS and its true capabilities. In this session, I will show you how to use the TFS API to integrate with and extend TFS. We’ll then dive into the TF command so you can become a TFS version control power user. 

I’m also doing a talk called “Serious ASP.NET 2.0 WebPart Customization“. 

Ever tried to customize how your ASP.NET WebParts look? Sure, you can change colors and fonts, but what if you want to change the layout? What if you need to put the WebPartVerb menu in a different place? That goes beyond simple tweaking; now you need custom WebPartChrome. In this session, I will do a deep-dive on the ASP.NET WebParts architecture and show you how to seriously customize your WebParts by creating your own WebPartChrome and WebPartZone, all without losing the benefits of personalization.


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