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September 2007 Beantown .NET User Group Meeting

The Beantown .NET INETA User Group is back on September 6, 2007 after our summer vacation. 

For our September meeting we have Richard Hale Shaw presenting “WCF: State of the Service?”.

As always, our meeting is open to everyone so bring your friends and co-workers.  If you’re planning to come, please send me an RSVP using the contact form ( by 3pm on 9/6 – and let me know if you want free pizza.

Future meetings:

• October 4 – Chris Bowen (Microsoft) on TBA
• November 1 – Josh Smith (New York Times) on WPF


Beantown Meeting Details

When: Thursday, September 6, 2007, 6:00 – 8:00pm


Hollister, Inc.
75 State St., 9th Floor
Boston, MA



Session Title: WCF: State of the Service?


Have you ever bought a great car, one with all the features, all the bells and whistles you’ve ever wanted for a car – only to find that maintenance is annoying, even a pain? That even seemingly simple tasks –  such as opening the door, starting the engine and changing the seat position –  are unusually difficult? Probably not: you probably wouldn’t have bought the car in the first place.

While the analogy may seem far fetched, it’s been much the same with WCF since its release last November. While it’s a vast improvement over Remoting and .ASMX, and undeniably powerful and flexible, the WCF tools in the .NET 3.0 SDK and supplied with VS2005 have been, well, a joke. The configuration editor is buggy, the VS2005 integration only supports initial project generation, and – worst of all – SvcUtil harks back to arcane command-line tools found in long-discarded operating systems. Plus, there’s been little support for design or enforcement of best practices.

In this talk, Richard will give you an update: what’s happening to these tools in VS2008, and what kinds of tools are available for WCF development outside of VS2005 and the .NET Framework SDK. We’ll look at a variety of options and you’ll leave with some great ideas on how to enhance your WCF development practices.


Richard is the CEO of the Richard Hale Shaw Group, where he is a consultant, architect and lecturer who focuses on Managed Code development of distributed systems with the C# Language and the .NET Framework.

Richard is a Microsoft MVP for Visual C#, and since 2002, has been a member of the C# Customer Council: a group of hand-picked experts who consult to the C# Team at Microsoft regarding new features and new directions in the C# Programming Language.

In the Boston area, he’s also known as a budding jazz bassist with a deep love of the work of Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

You can reach him at:


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