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Visual Studio Team System Developer Edition and Database Edition are now merged

For those of you who have ever wrestled with what kind of license you should get of Visual Studio Team System — Developer or Database — well, this is for you.  Microsoft just announced that they’re merging the two editions for Visual Studio 10 (aka “Rosario”). 

You’re probably thinking “well, that’s all well and good but judging by the name of the product, Visual Studio 2010 isn’t coming out until 2010.  Big deal.  That’s nice but I need both editions now.”  Here’s the immediate good news: if you own Dev 2008 or DBPro 2008 and have an MSDN subscription, you can now get both editions.  (Cool, huh?)

The next question on your mind now is “can I install both editions on one machine?”  The answer is “yes.”  If you have one edition installed and then go to install another edition, it only installs just the bits for the new edition. 



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