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Beantown .NET Meeting Thursday, 12/4/2008: Jesse Liberty on Silverlight

Reminder: Beantown .NET is meeting this week on Thursday, December 4th.

For this month’s meeting, we’ve got Jesse Liberty doing “Skinning Silverlight Controls”.

As always, our meeting is open to everyone so bring your friends and co-workers.  If you’re planning to come, please RSVP via by 3pm on 12/4. 
Click here to RSVP.

Our location (75 State St) has tighter security than our old location so it is important to RSVP in advance to make your security check in as smooth as possible. 

Future meetings:

• January 8 – Michael Stiefel


Beantown Meeting Details

When: Thursday, December 4, 2008, 6:00 – 8:00pm


Hollister, Inc.

75 State St., 9th Floor

Boston, MA



Full Title:

“Skinning Controls: An introduction to separation of presentation from logic in Silverlight Controls using the Parts and State Model with the Visual State Manager– a practical demonstration in Expression Blend and Visual Studio”


This presentation will describe the Parts and States model and the advantage of decoupling the appearance of a Control  from the underlying logic of its events. We will take a close look at the VisualStateManager which enables the Control to change its appearance in response to being placed in different states (such as mouseOver and Pressed) without reliance on event logic, and to manage the transition from one state to another using animation (Xaml storyboards).  In Silverlight every control is lookless, and the appearance of all controls are determined by templates; we will examine how to create these templates which are defined in Xaml, and we will look at how Expression Blend can greatly simplify the work involved.  Finally, if time allows, we will delve into advanced topics such as “in-state animation” and the creation of skinnable custom controls.


Jesse Liberty, “Silverlight Geek, ” is a Microsoft Senior Program Manager in the Silverlight Development Division where he is responsible for the creation of tutorials, videos and other content to facilitate the learning and use of Silverlight.

Even before joining Microsoft, Jesse was well known in the industry in part because of his many bestselling books, including O’Reilly Media’s Programming .NET 3.5, Programming C# 3.0, Learning ASP.NET with AJAX and the soon to be published Programming Silverlight He has over two decades experience writing software, consulting and training, with stints at AT&T as a Distinguished Software Engineer and at Citibank as a Vice President in the Information Division.


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