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First meeting of the Team System Boston User Group, 5/6/2009


After much discussion, Michael Ruminer and I are going to be starting up the Team System Boston User Group.  Our first meeting is going to be on May 6th at Microsoft NERD.

For our initial meeting, I’ll be talking about using Visual Studio Team System Web Tests to test your running ASP.NET applications.

Our meeting is open to everyone so bring your friends and co-workers. It is not required to RSVP for our meetings but if you know you’re coming, Click here to RSVP to help speed your way through building security.

Title: ASP.NET Application Testing with VSTS Web Tests
When: Wednesday, 5/6/09, 6p – 8p
Microsoft NERD
1 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA


Parking: Paid parking is available in 1 Memorial Drive. 


It’s hopeless. There’s no automated way to test your web apps. The only option is to test them by hand, right?

Well, no. Visual Studio Team System has Web Tests that let you run and validate different paths through your ASP.NET applications. Each test simulates a user performing a bunch of actions across a series of web pages and allows you to check the response to verify that your app is going what you expect. Once you have your Web Tests defined you assemble them together to create Load Tests. Load Tests simulate hundreds of users hitting your web app in order to validate how well — or not so well — your application performs under stress.

In this session, Ben will show you how to write complex Web Tests using Validation Rules, Extraction Rules, and Web Test Plugins. He’ll also cover how to make your tests data-driven using an external data source so you’ll get better tests with less code. Then we’ll move on to creating Load Tests from our Web Tests. Then Ben will wrap up the session by showing you how to make it all work inside of a Team Build.

Benjamin Day is a consultant specializing in the design and development of applications with Visual Studio Team System.  He is a Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio Team System, conference speaker, and leads the Beantown.NET User Group.  Ben also provides consulting and training on Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server and is a member of the Visual Studio Team System Customer Advisory Council at Microsoft.  When not developing software, Ben plays piano with a Boston-based jazz trio, likes to hang out with his wife and cats, and is a passionate restaurant, food, beer and wine nerd. 


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