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TechEd Atlanta 2011: Identify & Fix Performance Problems with Visual Studio Ultimate

I was lucky enough to get to speak at TechEd Atlanta this year and I did a session on fixing performance problems using the tools in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. 

Identify & Fix Performance Problems with Visual Studio Ultimate

It’s a common problem: you’re getting close to when you’re supposed to deploy your new ASP.NET or WCF application in to production and somehow it just doesn’t seem very fast. Or maybe you’ve deployed your application in to production and now you’re getting complaints from customers that it’s just plain crazy-slow.

Yikes! You’ve got performance problems. Thankfully, Visual Studio 2010 has some great features to help out of this bind.

In this session, Ben will start out with a running application with performance problems and show you how to find and fix these performance problems using Web Performance Tests, Load Tests, Unit Tests, Performance Explorer and code profiling. Along the way, Ben will discuss what a Load Test Rig is, how to set up a Load Test Rig, and how Team Foundation Server can help you to catch performance issues *before* they become problems.

Here’s the source code for my demos.  Here’s the database create script.  Here’s the slide deck.



— Got an application that’s kinda pokey?  Want to find your performance issues before your customer does?  Not sure where load and performance testing fits into your ALM / development process?  We can help.  Drop us a line at


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