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“How to be a C# ninja in 10 easy steps”: Slides & Code

I spoke at Microsoft DevBoston a few days ago and did my “How to be a C# ninja in 10 easy steps” talk.  As promised, here are my slides and my code samples. 

Are you new to C# and want to get awesome? Are you pretty good at C# and you want to raise your game? Do you think you’re already awesome and just want to make sure? Worried about getting into a C# technical interview and Ben’s on the other side of the table lobbing tough C# questions at you just waiting for that moment where you start to sweat and then eventually crack under the pressure and then you die homeless and alone all because this one interview went bad?

Then this is the talk for you.

In this session, Ben will go through 10+ important things to know about writing code in C# including what he asks for job interview questions and what he looks for during code reviews.

Sample Code

Thanks to everyone who came to the session!



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