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Team Foundation Server 2015 (TFS2015) Installation Guide

[UPDATE 2/28/2017 — If case you need it, here’s the TFS2017 version of this guide.]

Well, Team Foundation Server 2015 (TFS2015) RTM’d yesterday and it’s now ready for general use.  Following on my tradition of writing an illustrated installation guide for TFS2010, TFS2012, and TFS2013, here’s my TFS2015 Installation Guide.

Since this is the 1.0 version of the guide, it covers just the essentials — installing Windows Server 2012 R2 for TFS2015, installing the pre-requisites for TFS2015, installing SQL Server for TFS2015, and then how to install Team Foundation Server 2015 itself.  Don’t worry, I’ll be adding more chapters in the future.

Here’s the guide: TFS2015 Installation Guide (v1.0)




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4 responses to “Team Foundation Server 2015 (TFS2015) Installation Guide”

  1. Aleks Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    could explain please some differences between installation process of TFS 2013 and TFS 2015?
    For TFS 2013 i have to install SharePoint 2013. For TFS 2015 i don’t need it. Why?
    Thank you!

  2. Igor Avatar

    Great work, thanks for this article and the PDF!!!! Just an observation: your guide doesn’t cover the installation of Sharepoint Server. You can install Sharepoint Server later, at the end of your guide, but if you turn on Windows Update, the .NET Framework 4.6 is downloaded and installed. It’s a big problem, because the installer of Sharepoint Server doesn’t recognize this version of .NET Framework, and the setup simply aborts. I try to uninstall .NET 4.6, but the situation remains the same.

    The solution – for me – is set Windows Update off until you install Sharepoint Server; after that, turn on Windows Update and install all the updates!

  3. […] now Ben Day has produced an excellent guide to installing TFS and you can find the 2015 version here. The guide pretty much covers everything you need to know in great detail and there’s no […]

  4. saud Avatar

    could you please help with TFS 2015 admin guide, I have installed TFS 2015 by following your installation guide,

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