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Team Foundation Server 2018 Installation Guide

Well, you may have heard that Team Foundation Server 2018 (TFS2018) was released about two weeks ago.

If you’re interested in installing it, here’s my TFS2018 install guide.  It’s ~90 pages of step-by-step instructions with screenshot on how to set up Windows Server 2016, SQL Server 2017, Team Foundation Server 2018, and a TFS2018 build server.

Here’s that link again.




— Looking for help installing TFS2018? Got a tricky TFS migration? Is your TFS upgrade path not supported?  Want to migrate your TFS to the cloud (VSTS)? Need to change a process template? Want someone else to do just do your TFS upgrade?  We can help.  Drop us a line at


6 responses to “Team Foundation Server 2018 Installation Guide”

  1. vikranth sunkarpally Avatar

    very useful Ben,,

    Ben if possible can you provide us the document for Build Release automation pipeline for .net and Java Projects.

    Thanks in advance….

  2. Rushabh Shah Avatar
    Rushabh Shah

    Hi Ben,

    Can you provide guide for backup and restore TFS database?

    Appreciate your support.


  3. Atmane El Bouachri Avatar
    Atmane El Bouachri

    Thanks Ben !

  4. Roshan Kumar Avatar
    Roshan Kumar

    Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 3.1 Patch 6 does not have a uninstall option in control panel.

  5. satyabrata sarkar Avatar
    satyabrata sarkar

    hi sir, During Installation DEVOPS2019 update 1.1 ON-Premises Server TFS server installation is mandatory? SQL server 2017 and DEVOPS2019 update 1.1 is installed but unable to connect Azure DEVOPS server via WEBBROWSER can u share knowledge

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