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Azure DevOps Utilities (azdoutil)

I’m not sure if you knew this but Azure DevOps Server and Azure DevOps Services has a bunch of REST APIs that let you get data from and perform operations against Azure DevOps. Whenever I’ve needed to do something or script something that was difficult or tedious against Azure DevOps, I’d write a some utility code.

Fast-forward 10+ years of working this way and I find that I have A LOT of little snippets of code that do useful things. The problem was that none of these utilities were particularly user-friendly and maintainable. Plus, they were in a whole bunch of different solutions and projects across multiple Git repositories.

Well, I finally got around to pulling these utilities together into something that’s useful to other people. Announcing Azure DevOps Utilities!

I hope you find these helpful.


Got ideas for Azure DevOps utilities you’d like to see? Found a bug? Let us know by submitting an issue Want to contribute? Submit a pull request.


The azdoutil is distributed as a .NET Core Tool via NuGet. To install it go to the command prompt and type
dotnet tool install azdoutil -g


  • You’ll need to install .NET Core 7 from

Getting Started

Everything starts with a configuration. After you’ve installed azdoutil, you’ll need to run azdoutil addconfig to add a configuration. A configuration is how you store the URL for your Azure DevOps instance and the personal access token (PAT) for authenticating to that instance.

Configurations are named and you can have as many as you’d like.

Set a Default Configuration

There’s one default configuration named (default). If you only work with one Azure DevOps instance, then all you’ll need to do is to is run azdoutil addconfig /url:{url} /pat:{pat} and that will set your default configuration.

Additional Named Configurations

If you want to add additional named configurations, you’ll run azdoutil addconfig /config:{name} /url:{url} /pat:{pat}.

Running Commands

Once you’ve set a default configuration, you can run any azdoutil command without having to specify any additional URL or PAT info.

If you want to run a command against an Azure DevOps instance that is NOT your default, you’ll need to supply the /config:{name}.

Managing Configurations

To add new configuration or modify an existing configuration, use the azdoutil addconfig command. You can list your configurations using the azdoutil listconfig command. To delete a configuration, use the azdoutil removeconfig command.


Command Name Description
addconfig Add or update an Azure DevOps configuration. For example, which server or account plus auth information.
creategitrepo Creates a Git repository in an Azure DevOps Team Project.
createproject List team projects
deleteproject Delete team project
exportworkitemquery Export work item query results
getareas Gets a list of areas in an Azure DevOps Team Project.
getiterations Gets a list of iterations in an Azure DevOps Team Project.
getproject Get team project info
getworkitem Get work item by id
getfields Gets a list of work item fields for a work item type in an Azure DevOps Team Project.
getworkitemstates Gets the list of states for a work item type in an Azure DevOps Team Project.
getworkitemtypes Gets a list of work item types in an Azure DevOps Team Project.
listconfig List an Azure DevOps configuration. For example, which server or account plus auth information.
listgitrepos Gets list of Git repositories from an Azure DevOps Team Project.
listprocesstemplates List process templates
listprojects List team projects
listworkitemqueries Gets a list of all work item queries in an Azure DevOps Team Project.
removeconfig Remove an Azure DevOps configuration. For example, which server or account plus auth information.
runworkitemquery Run work item query
setiteration Create iteration including start and end date
setworkitemstate Set the state value on an existing work item
showworkitemquery Show work item query
createfromgenerator Create work items using random data generator
createfromexcel Create work items using Excel script



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