Virtual Machine Remote Control Client Plus


I just upgraded my Microsoft Virtual Server R2 instances from SP1 beta to SP1.  While I was downloading the release version of SP1, I came across something new — the Virtual Machine Remote Control Client Plus

For anyone who does a lot of work with Virtual Server, I think you’ll love this new client.  It beats the socks off of the Virtual Server Administration web site.  Everything you would do through the admin site is now available through a Windows GUI — no more annoying postbacks when you change settings. 

The VMRC guest operating system client is 100x better, too.  A couple of new features, too:

  • Auto-resize of the virtual screen
  • Ability to paste in text from your physical machine into the virtual
  • Better screenshot features
  • Ability to change the CD/DVD mounted ISO’s from the guest client rather than having to go to the admin website

Nice job, VM Team.


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