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  • Scrum Is Not the Point

    Scrum Is Not the Point

    The emphasis in product development should not be simply on correctly following the Scrum process, but rather on delivering a finished, working software; this is the true purpose of Scrum. Scrum provides a framework with established roles, events, and artifacts which all relate to creating a working product. Therefore, using Scrum effectively will improve the…

  • What Does “Done” Really Mean in Your Team?

    What Does “Done” Really Mean in Your Team?

    Having a clear, written definition of “done” is crucial for successful team projects, especially in software development. The term “done” often causes confusion, as it can simply mean that a task is completed or that it’s ready to ship. To avoid misunderstandings, having a universal, well-detailed interpretation – a definition of what “done” entails, including…

  • What Does a Scrum Master Do Anyway?

    What Does a Scrum Master Do Anyway?

    Scrum mastering involves leading a team without providing direct commands, comparable to the role of a sweeper in the sport of curling. Rather than using a “command & control” approach, a Scrum Master fosters a spirit of self-organization within the team, guiding them subtly towards a goal and encouraging creativity and productivity. This method of…