TL;DR — Here are the links to download the code snippets: Snippets for Visual Studio 2019 Snippets for Visual Studio for MacSnippets for Visual Studio CodeDownload the snippets from GitHub Some Background My coding world and coding life has changed a lot in the last year and a lot of it was driven by moving…(Read More)

Hey All — I just published my Azure DevOps Server 2019 Installation Guide. You may or may not have heard this already but Team Foundation Server (TFS) has been renamed to Azure DevOps Server. This guide continues the tradition going back to 2009 of publishing installation guides for each new version of TFS. Here’s the…(Read More)

I spoke at the New England Microsoft Developers (NEMD) user group last night and gave a talk about security in ASP.NET Core. (A lot of this content is also covered in my new Pluralsight class on ASP.NET Core architecture.) SlidesSample code Implementing Security in ASP.NET Core: Claims, Patterns, and PoliciesThere are two…(Read More)

My latest Pluralsight course just went live a couple of days ago — Architecting an ASP.NET Core MVC Application for Unit Testability. I’ve been wanting to write this course for at least a couple of years now. I like to think of is as the missing modules from all my TFS and DevOps classes…(Read More)

I spoke at VSLive Orlando 2018 last week and as promised here are the slides and code samples from my Non-Useless Unit Testing for Entity Framework Core & ASP.NET MVC Core talk. We all know that we should be writing unit tests for our applications.  But what do you do about that database…(Read More)

I spoke at VSLive Orlando 2018 last week and as promised here are the slides and code samples from my Entity Framework Core for Enterprise Applications talk. What do you do when your simple Entity Framework app isn’t so simple anymore?  The entity relationships are starting to get complex.  You’re getting worried about…(Read More)

Are you trying to deploy your Entity Framework Core migrations and you’re trying to deploy them WITHOUT having the source code?  Yah.  It’s hard to deploy EF Core migrations using just the DLLs in the published output of your .NET Core project, huh? If you’re deploying from a Team Foundation Server (TFS…(Read More)

I just wrapped up my “Get Good at DevOps: Feature Flag Deployments with ASP.NET & WebAPI” talk at VSLive San Diego 2018. As promised, here are the slides and the code from the talk.  (If you’re wondering, yes, I’ve upgraded the code to use .NET Core 2.1.) Get Good at DevOps…(Read More)

I spoke at Pluralsight Live 2018 at the end of August and I just realized that I hadn’t ever posted my slides. The talk was about how to restart a failed or floundering Agile/Scrum transformation by taking a step back and thinking about what you want as a leader and how you choose…(Read More)

Update: June 20, 2019 — Here’s an updated version of this post and the snippets including support for Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac. A couple of months ago, I got inspired to really learn .NET Core and Visual Studio Code (VSCode).  But I didn’t just want to learn it from Windows — the…(Read More)