I was doing some work last week with Azure DevOps user and security management Graph APIs. The Graph APIs let you manage users, and groups, and group memberships and I needed to make some changes for a couple thousand user accounts. It was definitely worth automating. When I was working with the API call that…(Read More)

My Angular / WebAPI application suddenly stopped working from Visual Studio and VSCode. Turned out that I was missing an environment variable…(Read More)

If your App Service Slot Swap is failing or taking forever, it might be a problem with the slot warmup checks. Here’s how to fix it…(Read More)

If you’re trying to log in to a virtual machine using your Azure AD (AAD) credentials, you’ll need to do these two things…(Read More)

If you’ve decided that you need to do a full migration to Azure DevOps Services (aka. The Azure DevOps Cloud), there’s a tool for migration.  And a guide.  A 60 page guide.  And then there’s the documentation. Let’s face it, migrating your on-premise Team Foundation Server or Azure DevOps Server…(Read More)

Every few weeks, I talk to a potential customer about migrating their on-premise Azure DevOps Server or Team Foundation Server to the cloud.  There’s almost always a certain level of confusion because — well — it’s really confusing.  There’s a lot of things to think about and it’s not always…(Read More)

In Azure DevOps each Team Project gets a wiki. A wiki is a great place to store/share text content like documentation in your project. But did you know that you can access it as a Git repository? The wiki link for an Azure DevOps Team Project Accessing your Wiki via Git helps to make…(Read More)

I was writing some code yesterday that needed to enumerate all files in a directory. So I wrote what I’ve been writing since the beginning of time: var files = Directory.GetFiles(“*.*”, new EnumerationOptions { RecurseSubdirectories = true }); At first, it seemed to be working just fine but then I noticed that hidden files were…(Read More)

I just finished up giving a talk for DevBoston on GitHub Codespaces. GitHub Codespaces: Seriously, You Can Develop in a Browser Codespaces from GitHub lets you develop in a browser.  Seriously.  In a browser.  And it’s great.  It’s amazing.  It’s not a toy either – it’s for real actual work.  It’s…(Read More)