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spring trees 2021

I’ve given the same advice to almost all of my clients — “you need a clearer product backlog”, “you’re working really hard but you’re not getting anything done”, and “you need to cut scope, launch your product with a more focused scope, launch it, and then get feedback.” It’s always seemed so…(Read More)

When I work with teams to help them improve their quality and automated testing practices, I’m surprised by how often people get worked up about terminology. “What’s Test-Driven Development?” “What’s Unit Testing?”  “What’s Integration Testing?” Etc. etc. etc. Those devs aren’t wrong – there are some differences. But rather…(Read More)

So there’s VSCode (aka. Visual Studio Code) and there’s Visual Studio 2019. If you’re developing an ASP.NET Core MVC application using Visual Studio 2019, when you’re running the application in debug mode, if you modify one of your cshtml views, your application that’s running in the browser automatically picks…(Read More)

I ran into a really weird problem on one of my machines while trying to connect to SQL Server using SqlCmd. SqlCmd commands have been running just fine on all my machine for month if not years and suddenly on just one machine, SqlCmd commands started failing with the following error: Sqlcmd: Error: Microsoft ODBC…(Read More)

I was working with some ASP.NET WebApi code and needed to test something using the Swagger UI. Usually, it’s just a matter of starting the project and going to your /swagger directory. Unfortunately, in this case, I went to my swagger URL and got an error saying “Failed to load API definition — Fetch…(Read More)

Seems like there’s a lot of action(s) happening over on GitHub.  How do I get a piece of that action(s)?  Wheee!  Puns!  (I’ve been cooped up in my house too long.) So if you’re a .NET Core developer or an ASP.NET…(Read More)

When you’re managing permissions in Azure DevOps Server or in Azure DevOps Services, often you’re tempted to add people directly to your project or directly to a team. It’s not wrong exactly but over time it tends to get messy – especially if you’re adding the same people to new projects and…(Read More)

Hey All — I just published my Azure DevOps Server 2020 Installation Guide. This guide continues the tradition going back to 2009 of publishing installation guides for each new version of Team Foundation Server and Azure DevOps Server. Here’s the list of chapters the Azure DevOps Server 2020 guide: Install Windows Server 2019Install SQL Server…(Read More)

I’ve been doing a fair bit of development with GitHub Actions lately for continuous integration and continuous deploy pipelines (CI/CD). Here’s what the process has been like: try something in the YAML file for the build, commit something to cause the GitHub Action to run, see why it failed, repeat. In the…(Read More)