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Windows Core is great.  Smaller disk footprint.  Less memory usage.  Boots up super-fast.  But with these benefits comes some caveats — for example, no web browser. So then when you need to download a file or download an installer, how do you do it?  The answer is…POWERSHELL TO THE RESCUE!!! Here’s a PowerShell…(Read More)

One of the big hassles when you’re working with Hyper-V on a laptop is networking.  Specifically, getting your Hyper-V guest machines to get network access through your laptop’s wifi connection. Well, Ben Armstrong blogged a new feature in Hyper-V that allows you to do NAT over wifi.  In his post…(Read More)

You’ve probably noticed that Team Foundation Server 2015 introduces a new automated build system.  One of the great things about this new system is that it’s based on PowerShell.  At this point, you’re probably thinking “Ok.  PowerShell.  Fantastic.  Why do I care?”  Well, that PowerShell-centric approach allows you to much more…(Read More)