Real World Scrum with TFS Slides from VSLive Orlando 2016

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As promised, here are the slides from my Real World Scrum with Team Foundation Server 2015 talk at VSLive Orlando 2016. Real World Scrum with Team Foundation Server 2015 & Visual Studio Team Services You’ve got Team Foundation Server 2015 and you’re looking to do Scrum.  Ok.  Great.  Now what does that mean?  What does […]

Feature Flags Slides & Code from VSLive Orlando 2016

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As promised, here are my slides and code from my feature flags session at VSLive Orlando 2016. Get Good at DevOps: Feature Flag Deployments with ASP.NET, WebAPI, & JavaScript Want to get good at DevOps but deployments are getting you down?  Is the code integration process just plain driving you crazy?  Well, maybe it’s time […]

Team Foundation Server 2017 Installation Guide

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[UPDATED February 27, 2017 — There’s a new version of the guide and I’ve updated the links in this post to point to the new version.] Well, you may have heard that Team Foundation Server 2017 (TFS2017) was released today. If you’re interested in installing it, here’s my TFS2017 install guide.  It’s ~80 pages of […]

One TFS Build, Multiple Git Repositories with Submodules

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In the discussion thread for my DevOps Skills class at Pluralsight, I got a question about how to do TFS Builds and TFS Release Management with code that spans multiple Git repositories.  For good reasons, his team has separated their code into multiple repos.  But when they go to create a build in TFS, the […]

How to Change a Test Configuration in the TFS Test Hub

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If you’re using Team Foundation Server’s Test Hub for your QA testing effort, you’ve probably seen this annoyance.  All of your test cases say “Windows 8” in the Configuration column.  Windows 8?!? What is this? 2014?!  You’ll hit your next level of frustration about 20 seconds later when you find out that there’s no way […]

Scrum: Don’t Lick the Cookie

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I was reminded by a friend’s tweet this week about a piece of advice I give in my Scrum talks — “Don’t Lick the Cookie”.  This is my way of saying, when you’re doing Scrum Sprint Planning, don’t assign tasks.  If you exit your Sprint Planning meeting with a bunch of PBIs and Tasks and those […]


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