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“Real World Scrum with Azure DevOps”: Slides from VSLive Redmond 2023

I’m speaking at VSLive Redmond 2023 today and I’m giving a talk on “Real World Scrum with Azure DevOps”.

You’ve got Azure DevOps and you’re looking to do Scrum.  Ok.  Great.  Now what does that mean?  What does Azure DevOps actually do to help your Scrum team(s) run more efficiently?  If I’m the Scrum Master, what should I be coaching my team to do?  What can you do to help get to high-quality, “done”, working software faster?  How does Azure DevOps make anything in Scrum easier?  How does it help me to maintain my Product Backlog?  

In this session, Ben will address these from the perspective of a technically-minded Scrum Master.  He’ll show you how to address five of the main pieces of running a Scrum project using Azure DevOps: Product Backlog Management, Sprint Planning, the Daily Scrum, streamlining the Definition of Done (DoD), and streamlining Sprint Retrospectives.  Along the way there will be plenty of talk about work item management, reporting & metrics, branching & merging, QA testing, and automated builds.  

Here are my slides.

Looking for lots more detail on Scrum + Azure DevOps? Check out my Implementing Scrum with Azure DevOps course.



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