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New Course: Implementing Scrum with Azure DevOps

Hey Everyone! My new course just launched at Pluralsight: Implementing Scrum with Azure DevOps.

Whether you’ve been using Scrum and Azure DevOps for forever or you’re just starting out, there’s plenty of great content and tips for you. This course will give you and your team a jumpstart (or a helpful tune-up) for using Azure DevOps to deliver software with Scrum.

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Here’s the course outline:

Scrum Overview

  • Introduction
  • Scrum Framework Overview
  • Definition of Done
  • PBIs Should Be Completed to Done in One Sprint
  • Choosing Your Sprint Duration
  • How to Be Successful at Scrum with Azure DevOps
  • Summary

Planning & Managing a Product Backlog

  • Introduction
  • What Is the Backlog? Why Do You Care?
  • Demo: Create a Product Backlog in Azure DevOps
  • What Makes a Good Product Backlog?
  • Estimation and Velocity
  • Demo: Forecasting the Future Using Velocity
  • Demo: Portfolio Backlogs
  • Grouping & Organizing Work with Portfolio Backlogs, Areas, and Tags
  • Demo: Grouping & Organizing Work Using Areas and Tags
  • Demo: Don’t Put Bugs on Your Backlog
  • Demo: Delivery Plans & PBI Dependencies
  • Summary

Sprint Planning

  • Introduction
  • What Is the Sprint Planning Meeting?
  • The Sprint Goal
  • The What and How of Sprint Planning
  • The Dangers of Assigned Tasks
  • Demo: Sprint Setup
  • Demo: Choosing PBIs for Your Sprint
  • Demo: Tasks, Remaining Work, & Capacity
  • Demo: Using the Backlog Board to Create Test Cases
  • Summary

The Daily Scrum & Tracking Sprint Progress

  • Introduction
  • What Is the Daily Scrum?
  • Boredom, Risk, & Accountability
  • How Does Azure DevOps Help with the Daily Scrum?
  • Version Control, Traceability, Branching, & Merging
  • Demo: Feature Branches from the Backlog Board
  • Demo: Scrum Board at the Daily Scrum / "Walking the Board"
  • Demo: Using the Burndown Chart at the Daily Scrum
  • Impediments
  • Demo: Tracking Blocked Tasks Using the Blocked Field
  • Demo: Tracking Blocked PBIs & Tasks Using Tags
  • Summary

The Sprint Review & the Sprint Retrospective

  • Overview
  • What Is the Sprint Review?
  • What Is the Sprint Retrospective?
  • Azure DevOps at the Sprint Review & Sprint Retrospective
  • Demo: Using the Azure DevOps Wiki via the Web Interface
  • Demo: Using the Azure DevOps Wiki via Git
  • Velocity & the Dangers of Undone Work in the Sprint
  • Strategies for Handling Undone Work in Azure DevOps
  • Demo: Handling Undone Work in Azure DevOps
  • Summary

Automating Your Way to Done and Delivery

  • Introduction
  • Automation & the Definition of Done
  • Tip: Get Your Database under Version Control
  • Tip: Simplify Your Branching & Merging Structure
  • Pull Requests
  • Definition of Done, Pull Requests, and Policies in Azure DevOps
  • Demo: Create an Azure DevOps Build Pipeline
  • Demo: Add Branch Policies for Pull Requests
  • Demo: Add a Build Validation Policy for Pull Requests
  • Demo, Part 2 of 2: Create a PR Validation Build & Refactor to Use YAML Templates
  • Demo: Analyze & Enforce Code Coverage Metrics in Pull Requests
  • Demo: Enforce Coding Style Checks in Pull Requests
  • Demo: Multi-Stage, Multi-Environment Deployments to Azure with Manual Validations
  • Summary

Scrum & QA Testing

  • Overview
  • Rethinking QA
  • QA & the Sprint Planning Meeting
  • QA Cases Help You Go Faster?
  • QA Testing Features in Azure DevOps
  • The Azure DevOps Browser Extension for Testing
  • Demo: Create Test Cases
  • Demo: Run Test Cases & Create Bugs
  • Demo: Exploratory Testing
  • Demo: Connect Test Cases to Automated Tests Using Associated Automations
  • Summary

Backlog Refinement

  • Introduction
  • What Is Backlog Refinement?
  • Benefits of Backlog Refinement & Levels of Refinement
  • Estimation Is a Waste of Time / How to Estimate
  • Methods of Estimation
  • Team-based Estimation with Story Points and Planning Poker
  • Team-based Estimation for Statistical Forecasting
  • How to Do a Backlog Refinement Meeting
  • Demo: Product Backlog Refinement
  • Backlog Refinement in Azure DevOps
  • Demo: Customize Azure DevOps for Better Refinement
  • Demo: Backlog Refinement Chart
  • Demo: Refine & Split a Product Backlog Item in Azure DevOps
  • Summary

Multi-team Scrum

  • Introduction
  • How Many Team Projects Do You Need?
  • Teams in Azure DevOps
  • Multitasking and Resources
  • The Official Scrum Guide Guidance on Teams
  • How to Organize Your Teams
  • Demo: Teams in Azure DevOps
  • Demo: Assign PBIs to Teams
  • Summary

Metrics & Dashboards

  • Introduction
  • Metrics Skepticism
  • Good Metrics vs. Bad Metrics
  • Why Do You Want This New Metric?: Good, Strange, & Bad Metrics
  • Metrics Roundup
  • Predicting the Future with Velocity
  • Predicting the Future with Throughput
  • Demo: Dashboards in Azure DevOps
  • Summary & Thanks


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