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So there’s VSCode (aka. Visual Studio Code) and there’s Visual Studio 2019. If you’re developing an ASP.NET Core MVC application using Visual Studio 2019, when you’re running the application in debug mode, if you modify one of your cshtml views, your application that’s running in the browser automatically picks…(Read More)

I was working with some ASP.NET WebApi code and needed to test something using the Swagger UI. Usually, it’s just a matter of starting the project and going to your /swagger directory. Unfortunately, in this case, I went to my swagger URL and got an error saying “Failed to load API definition — Fetch…(Read More)

Seems like there’s a lot of action(s) happening over on GitHub.  How do I get a piece of that action(s)?  Wheee!  Puns!  (I’ve been cooped up in my house too long.) So if you’re a .NET Core developer or an ASP.NET…(Read More)

[TL/DR? – skip to the bottom] I ran into a problem with an ASP.NET MVC Core app today and it took me a while to figure it out. Here’s the problem: on an extremely simple and straightforward form, I couldn’t get a field in my model to POST back to the server…(Read More)

I spoke at the New England Microsoft Developers (NEMD) user group last night and gave a talk about security in ASP.NET Core. (A lot of this content is also covered in my new Pluralsight class on ASP.NET Core architecture.) SlidesSample code Implementing Security in ASP.NET Core: Claims, Patterns, and PoliciesThere are two…(Read More)

My latest Pluralsight course just went live a couple of days ago — Architecting an ASP.NET Core MVC Application for Unit Testability. I’ve been wanting to write this course for at least a couple of years now. I like to think of is as the missing modules from all my TFS and DevOps classes…(Read More)

I just wrapped up my “Get Good at DevOps: Feature Flag Deployments with ASP.NET & WebAPI” talk at VSLive San Diego 2018. As promised, here are the slides and the code from the talk.  (If you’re wondering, yes, I’ve upgraded the code to use .NET Core 2.1.) Get Good at DevOps…(Read More)

We’ve got a new version of .NET Core and a new version of Entity Framework Core (EF Core).  Unfortunately, EF Core 2.1 hasn’t made it any easier to deploy database migrations from DLLs rather than from the source code.  (sigh)  Deploying EF Core migrations from DLLs is a key feature for DevOps…(Read More)

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know that I’m obsessed with being able to deploy Entity Framework Core (EF Core) migrations from published (“dotnet publish”) DLLs instead of from the project code.  Why?  Because if you care about DevOps-y things like automated deployments — especially in Visual Studio Team Services…(Read More)

I’ve been neck deep in Azure App Authentication (aka. Easy Auth) lately trying to get it to work with ASP.NET Core applications.  I wrote a bunch of labs/walk-throughs last week to demonstrate how to make it work.  Here are the posts in the Azure Easy Auth series: Lab 1, Lab 2…(Read More)