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So there’s VSCode (aka. Visual Studio Code) and there’s Visual Studio 2019. If you’re developing an ASP.NET Core MVC application using Visual Studio 2019, when you’re running the application in debug mode, if you modify one of your cshtml views, your application that’s running in the browser automatically picks…(Read More)

TL;DR — Here are the links to download the code snippets: Snippets for Visual Studio 2019 Snippets for Visual Studio for MacSnippets for Visual Studio CodeDownload the snippets from GitHub Some Background My coding world and coding life has changed a lot in the last year and a lot of it was driven by moving…(Read More)

Update: June 20, 2019 — Here’s an updated version of this post and the snippets including support for Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac. A couple of months ago, I got inspired to really learn .NET Core and Visual Studio Code (VSCode).  But I didn’t just want to learn it from Windows — the…(Read More)