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A couple of months ago, I got inspired to really learn .NET Core and Visual Studio Code (VSCode).  But I didn’t just want to learn it from Windows — the real power of .NET Core is that’s cross-platform.  So what did I do?  I bought a MacBook Pro and made that my primary work machine.  

The thing that really became clear once I started working a lot in VSCode was how much I relied on the CodeRush templates in Visual Studio 2017 — both the ones out of the box and the ones that I’d written — to get work done.  I kept doing all the CodeRush keyboard shortcuts in VSCode that I had ‘muscle memory’ for and (of course) they did nothing.  (Grrr.)

Well, because I had a huge looming deadline for my next Pluralsight course, the only reasonable thing to do was to spend a day learning how to write VSCode Snippets and to write snippets for all the things that I missed from full Visual Studio 2017.  

Here’s my pile of C# snippets.  Download and enjoy.  

To install these, open up Visual Studio Code, bring up the list of commands (CTRL-Shift-P / Command-Shift-P), and search for Configure User Snippets.  This will bring up your snippets info.  Choose ‘csharp’ and then copy the my snippets into your csharp.json snippets file.  You could also just replace your csharp.json snippets file with my file if you don’t already have any snippets that you’ve written.  

Once you’ve gotten those installed, to use them, type the keyboard shortcut value in VSCode and press Tab to expand the snippet.  Some of the snippets take multiple values.  Press Tab to move between the snippet values.   

Category Keyboard Shortcut Description
ASP.NET mca ASP.NET controller action method
ASP.NET mcap ASP.NET controller HTTP post action method
ASP.NET r404 ASP.NET controller return 404 not found
ASP.NET rbr ASP.NET controller return bad request
ASP.NET rnf ASP.NET controller return 404 not found
ASP.NET rr ASP.NET controller redirect to action name
ASP.NET rrid ASP.NET controller redirect to action with id
Coding b Code block braces
Coding c Public class
Coding cwl Console.WriteLine
Coding fe foreach statement
Coding r Return
Coding rf Return false
Coding rse Return String.Empty
Coding rt Return true
Coding (if/else) en Equals null
Coding (if/else) ese Equals empty string
Coding (if/else) ifb if block
Coding (if/else) ifn If variable is null
Coding (if/else) ifna If variable is null assign
Coding (if/else) inen If variable is not null
Coding (if/else) lb Else block with braces
Coding (if/else) li Else if
Coding (if/else) ne Not Equal
Coding (if/else) nen Not equal to null
Entity Framework aspdbc Register DbContext
Entity Framework dbc DbContext class
Entity Framework dbcf Create DbContextFactory
Entity Framework dbs DbSet<T>
Exceptions tcb Try catch block
Exceptions ian If argument null throw
Exceptions ians If argument is empty string throw
Exceptions tane Throw ArgumentNullException
Exceptions tnie Throw not implemented exception
Exceptions tnioe Throw invalid operation exception
Exceptions uitrywin User interface try catch
Methods mi Method that returns an int
Methods mf Method that returns an float
Methods ms Method that returns an string
Methods mv Method that returns an void
Methods mm Method that returns a type of your choice
Miscellaneous adp Adapt property
Properties ap Auto-implemented property
Properties apb Auto-implemented bool property
Properties apf Auto-implemented float property
Properties api Auto-implemented int property
Properties aps Auto-implemented string property
Properties p Property
Properties ps Property (string)
Properties rb Read-only bool property
Properties ri Read-only int property
Properties rp Read-only property
Properties rs Read-only string property
Strings se String.Empty
Strings stf String.Format
Strings stp String.Format with paste
Strings nsb Create a new StringBuilder
Unit Testing ae Assert AreEqual with T
Unit Testing ae0 Assert.AreEqual to 0
Unit Testing aep Assert.AreEqual on two properties
Unit Testing aepb Assert.AreEqual on two boolean properties
Unit Testing aepd8 Assert.AreEqual on two DateTime properties
Unit Testing aepf Assert.AreEqual on two float properties
Unit Testing aepi Assert.AreEqual on two int properties
Unit Testing aeps Assert.AreEqual on two string properties
Unit Testing af Assert.IsFalse
Unit Testing afa Assert.Fail()
Unit Testing ain Assert.Inconclusive()
Unit Testing aines Assert string is null or empty
Unit Testing an Assert is null
Unit Testing ane Assert is not equal with choice of T
Unit Testing ane0 Assert is not equal to zero
Unit Testing anef Assert floats are not equal
Unit Testing anei Assert ints are not equal
Unit Testing anepb Assert bool properties are not equal
Unit Testing anepi Assert int properties are not equal
Unit Testing aneps Assert string properties are not equal
Unit Testing anes Assert strings are not equal
Unit Testing anese Assert string is not empty string
Unit Testing ann Assert is not null
Unit Testing anns Assert is not null or empty string
Unit Testing ans Assert is null or empty string
Unit Testing ase Assert.AreEqual to String.Empty
Unit Testing at Assert is true
Unit Testing mvt Test Method
Unit Testing oti On Test Initialize
Unit Testing sut SystemUnderTest property for unit tests
Unit Testing sutn Set SystemUnderTest variable to null
Unit Testing tc Create test class
Unit Testing tf Create test class
Unit Testing tfsut Create test class with sut

Once again, here’s the download link for the csharp snippets

I hope you get some use out of these.  


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  1. Neat stuff. Too bad you moved away from full VS and CodeRush just in time for them to introduce the ability to inline images in code comments ( That stuff is pretty cool and I can see some serious gains in understanding what code is doing since pictures can convey so much more than mere words at times.

    That said, the moment people start introducing animated images (I’m looking at you Azure Devops Pull Requests…) things could go completely off the rails. Time will tell though.

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