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  • Article: Levels of Team Foundation Server 2010 Build Automation

    My article discussing how to adopt Team Foundation Server 2010 build and the various levels of build “awesomeness” is up at   The basic gist is how to think about going from no automated builds to achievable levels of automated builds using Team Foundation Server 2010 (TFS2010) and what that process would be.  For TFS2010 […]

  • ITNAmerica / Microsoft Software + Services Case Study (plus Team Foundation Server)

    One of my clients just got featured in a Microsoft case study about Software + Services.  ITNAmerica is based in Portland, Maine and provides flexible transportation options for seniors who are no longer able to drive. The Microsoft case study features the scalability and flexibility features of ITN’s SOA-based architecture and their success with Microsoft’s […]

  • My Mistake + Here’s Why I Like Team System

    Well, we all make mistakes from time to time and this weekend I made a good one. I’ve written a few posts lately on why I think small businesses need Team System. This weekend I got a comment from Ben Scheirman on my post about the cost of Team System licensing. Ben’s comment was in […]

  • BDC, Inc. Public Training Schedule for March & April 2009

    After a numerous requests from potential students, I’ve finally gotten around to scheduling some open-enrollment classes here in the Boston-area.  I’m going to be teaching my Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) / Team Foundation Server (TFS) class, Test-Driven Development, and NHibernate classes in Cambridge, MA throughout March and April 2009.  Here’s the schedule: 3/23/09 – […]

  • My VSLive San Francisco 2009 Slides

    I spoke at VSLive San Francisco 2009 last week. Here are the talks that I did and links to download my slides: Eliminate Team Build Headaches with Unit Tests, WiX, and Virtualization You’ve got your application written. The unit tests pass on your machine. It’s time to check in. Now what? What you really want […]

  • A nice start to 2009.

    Yesterday morning was January 1st, 2009.  As I was rolling out of bed to make coffee, I stuffed my headphones in my ears and turned on the radio on my (completely functional) Zune.  I caught the tail end of a new story on NPR and then they started a new segment about helping the elderly […]

  • Slides from VSLive Dallas 2008: WiX, LINQ to SQL Architecture, Web Testing, Windows Azure

    I spoke at VSLive Dallas 2008 last week.  Here are my slides. Win and Web Installers with WiX code, slides, more  Windows Azure Tour code, slides Architect Applications End-to-End with LINQ to SQL code, slides Visual Studio Team System Web Testing slides, code/discussion -Ben — Want to run one of these talks at your company […]

  • Speaking at Beantown .NET User Group on TFS2008 6/12/2008

    Reminder: Beantown .NET is meeting this week on Thursday, June 12th. For our June meeting, I’ll be presenting “Team Foundation Server 2008” as part of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Community Launch Event program ( As always, our meeting is open to everyone so bring your friends and co-workers.  If you’re planning to come, please […]

  • Updated Continuous Integration Service for TFS 2005 / Team Build 2005

    You’re probably familiar with the Khushboo Continuous Integration Service for Team Foundation Server 2005 & Team Build 2005.  I’ve been using it for a long while now but recently ran up against a limitation: you can’t specify a build per source control sub-directory — you can only specify continuous integration builds at the Team Project […]

  • Managing TFS Team Build History: Delete Completed Builds From "All Build Types" & Bug Work Item Drop-downs

    Here’s another blog post that came from an attendee question at VSLive Vegas.  In Team Foundation Server (TFS) there are at least two places where you can see completed Team Builds: the “Team Builds – All Build Types” screen and the Bug work item’s “Found in build” and “Resolved in build” drop-down lists.   Here’s what it looks like […]