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Beantown .NET is going to be meeting Thursday, 10/7/2010.  This month we have Shaun Avery presenting “Application Development with NHibernate”.  As always, our meeting is open to everyone so bring your friends and co-workers – better yet, bring your boss.  It is not required to RSVP for our meetings but if you know…(Read More)

After a numerous requests from potential students, I’ve finally gotten around to scheduling some open-enrollment classes here in the Boston-area.  I’m going to be teaching my Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) / Team Foundation Server (TFS) class, Test-Driven Development, and NHibernate classes in Cambridge, MA throughout March and April 2009.  Here…(Read More)

A nice start to 2009.


Yesterday morning was January 1st, 2009.  As I was rolling out of bed to make coffee, I stuffed my headphones in my ears and turned on the radio on my (completely functional) Zune.  I caught the tail end of a new story on NPR and then they started a new segment about helping the elderly…(Read More)

Last week I was speaking at VSLive Austin 2007. Here are some links to download my slides and sample code. Serious ASP.NET WebPart Customization (slides) / (code) Serious Team Foundation Server Customization (slides) / (code) Serious Team Foundation Server Source Control (slides) / (code) Worshipping LINQ to SQL(Joint session with Richard Hale Shaw) (slides) Workshop…(Read More)

I was at VSLive Las Vegas last week and one of my talks was on NHibernate development.  One of the guys who was in my session came up to me and asked “how do I create my own custom collection that I can use in NHibernate that still lets me do lazy loading?”  The core…(Read More)

I’m going to be speaking at VSLive Orlando 2007 in just a few months — May 6 through May 10. I’m doing four 1-hour sessions: Serious WebPart Customization Ever tried to customize how your ASP.NET WebParts look?  Sure, you can change colors and fonts, but what if you want to…(Read More)

I’m going to be speaking at VSLive San Francisco 2007 in just a few weeks — March 25 through March 29. I’m doing five 1-hour sessions and an all-day workshop.  The talks: Serious WebPart Customization Ever tried to customize how your ASP.NET WebParts look?  Sure, you can change colors…(Read More)

When I need to deliver a web application to a client, I create a Setup/Deployment Project and then send them the .MSI file.  This makes it super easy to make sure that all the dependencies are there and that the web directory gets set up in IIS.  It eliminates 80% of the…(Read More)

I’m looking for a mid/senior-level C# / ASP.NET developer to join my project for a major financial institution in Boston, MA. The project is an n-tier app written with C#, ASP.NET, NHibernate 1.2, Visual Studio Unit Tests, and Team Foundation Server. Required Skills: NHibernate, Test-Driven Development (test…(Read More)

The NHibernate 1.2 beta has been available for download since the end of September.  Two of the big features are support for .NET generic collections and support for stored procedures.  I decided to give these features a test drive and I posted my code here.  (FYI, it’s written using…(Read More)