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  • Microsoft deprecates its ADO.NET Oracle provider (System.Data.OracleProvider)

    I found out today that Microsoft has decided to deprecate its provider for Oracle.  In a related note, I got quoted in Jeffery Schwartz’s news article in Visual Studio Magazine about this new development.  -Ben

  • Oracle for SQL Server Developers, Vol. 4: Identity Columns & Sequences

    Picking up where I left off in my previous “Oracle for SQL Server Developers” posts (one, two, three)… In SQL Server, we commonly have a primary key column that is a integer and this number gets incremented, created, and inserted automatically by the database. This is a SQL Server identity column and it makes our […]

  • Oracle For SQL Server Developers, Vol. 3

    Here’s another post in the Oracle For SQL Server Developers series (vol1, vol2).  The goal with this post is to help you get a feel for some common column data types in Oracle. Tip #16: Data Type Equivalents for Numbers SQL Server Oracle int NUMBER float, real NUMBER(precision, scale) In Oracle, a number can be […]

  • Oracle For SQL Server Developers, Vol. 2

    Here’s another post in my Oracle for SQL Server Developers series.  Tip #7: What is SQL*Plus and how do I connect to Oracle with SQL*Plus? SQL*Plus is a command-line client for talking to Oracle.  It’s similar to SQL Server’s sqlcmd.exe.  It’s usually installed in $ORACLE_HOMEBINsqlplus.exe so on my machine with a default install that path […]

  • Oracle For SQL Server Developers, Vol. 1

    When I first started working with the Oracle database back in 2001, I remember how difficult it was to figure ANYTHING out.  I had plenty of experience managing SQL Server, designing databases with SQL Server, and implementing applications with SQL Server but getting even the most basic tasks done in Oracle was a major feat. […]