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I found out today that Microsoft has decided to deprecate its provider for Oracle.  In a related note, I got quoted in Jeffery Schwartz’s news article in Visual Studio Magazine about this new development.  -Ben…(Read More)

Picking up where I left off in my previous “Oracle for SQL Server Developers” posts (one, two, three)… In SQL Server, we commonly have a primary key column that is a integer and this number gets incremented, created, and inserted automatically by the database. This is a SQL Server identity column and it makes our…(Read More)

Here’s another post in the Oracle For SQL Server Developers series (vol1, vol2).  The goal with this post is to help you get a feel for some common column data types in Oracle. Tip #16: Data Type Equivalents for Numbers SQL Server Oracle int NUMBER float, real NUMBER(precision, scale) In Oracle, a number…(Read More)

Here’s another post in my Oracle for SQL Server Developers series.  Tip #7: What is SQL*Plus and how do I connect to Oracle with SQL*Plus? SQL*Plus is a command-line client for talking to Oracle.  It’s similar to SQL Server’s sqlcmd.exe.  It’s usually installed in $ORACLE_HOMEBINsqlplus.exe…(Read More)

When I first started working with the Oracle database back in 2001, I remember how difficult it was to figure ANYTHING out.  I had plenty of experience managing SQL Server, designing databases with SQL Server, and implementing applications with SQL Server but getting even the most basic tasks done in Oracle was a major feat…(Read More)