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I’ve started writing “tips” for SearchWinDevelopment.com on Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, and Unit Testing.  Look for them to trickle out over the next few months. They’ve posted one that I wrote about making Team Foundation Server Builds work with Windows Azure project.  It’s easy enough to compile Windows Azure projects…(Read More)

Beantown .NET is going to be meeting on Thursday, 11/5/2009.  This month we’ll be doing 4 short topics about 4 different development utilities presented by Beantown members. The talks will be: · Nick Parker on JetBrains’ dotTrace Code Profiler · Shaun Avery on Firebug · Jason Haley on PowerCommands for Reflector · Ben Day (me)…(Read More)

The Beantown .NET User Group is going to be hosting an additional event in the Northeast MSDN Roadshow Series on 9/28/2009 at Microsoft NERD in Cambridge, MA.  The event features Jim O’Neil and Chris Bowen and runs from 12:30p to 6p.  The Fall 2009 Northeast MSDN Roadshow:  Food for Thoughts Tour…(Read More)

Beantown .NET is going to be meeting on Thursday, 9/10/2009 after our summer vacation.  This month we have Richard Hale Shaw coming to present “.NET on MultiCore Systems: Programming the .NET 4.0 Parallel Extensions”.  As always, our meeting is open to everyone so bring your friends and co-workers – better yet, bring…(Read More)

As we’re coming up on the release of Visual Studio 2010, I’ve been getting questions from clients about their upgrade strategy – should I upgrade to Visual Studio Team System 2008 now or wait and jump from VS2005 to VS2010?  The answer — like lots of things in software — is “it depends.”  The important…(Read More)

Well, we all make mistakes from time to time and this weekend I made a good one. I’ve written a few posts lately on why I think small businesses need Team System. This weekend I got a comment from Ben Scheirman on my post about the cost of Team System licensing. Ben’s comment…(Read More)

As you may have noticed, the world economy has been a little under the weather lately.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about how the economy fits together with VSTS’s mission.  Specifically how, as Brian Randell says, “Team System is all about increasing the predictability of success”.  Team System has been pitched more at large…(Read More)

I’ve been noticing lately that the amount of disk space on my C drive was below 10 gigabytes.  This struck me as odd because I recently upgraded my 160GB hard drive to a 300GB hard drive and it wasn’t like I’d suddenly started carrying around my entire DVD collection on my C…(Read More)

The Beantown .NET User Group is meeting this Thursday, 4/2/09.  The topic for this month’s meeting is Unit Testing.  More specifically, it’s “The Unit Testing Throwdown.”  We’ll be discussing a range of topics in unit testing with the hope of establishing a list of real-world best practices.  This will…(Read More)

I spoke at VSLive San Francisco 2009 last week. Here are the talks that I did and links to download my slides: Eliminate Team Build Headaches with Unit Tests, WiX, and Virtualization You’ve got your application written. The unit tests pass on your machine. It’s time to check in. Now what? What you…(Read More)