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The Problem: You have a Team Foundation Server 2010 Team Build that compiles a solution (.sln) with more than one Platform and Configuration.  When your build is compiling the Platform/Configuration combinations, you need to know which combination is currently being processed so that you can perform custom build logic in the workflow activities.  The…(Read More)

The Problem: I ran into a problem with a customer’s Team Foundation Server 2010 build server today. The server’s been up and running for at least 6 months and then suddenly it wouldn’t run builds anymore – the builds would start and then hang with the message “Run On Agent (waiting for build…(Read More)

Trying to run Visual Studio 2010 Load Tests with a Load Test Rig but the tests always get stuck in the Pending state? It could be DNS problems.  Make sure that your Load Test Controller can resolve the name of all the Load Test Agent machines and vice versa.  While you’re at it, make…(Read More)

Hi All — Beantown .NET is going to be doing a joint meeting with Boston .NET meeting on Thursday, 5/6/2010.  This month we have Chris Dias from Microsoft.  Chris is the Visual Studio Group Program Manager and he’ll be talking about what’s new in Visual Studio 2010.  As always, our meeting is…(Read More)

Now I’m not an Excel genius or anything so if I’m doing this wrong, let me know.  Anyway, I went in TFS2010 to play around with the TFS2010 Agile Iteration Backlog workbook (Iteration Backlog.xlsm) and I ran in to some problems with Excel macro execution.  The Iteration Backlog workbook helps you to…(Read More)

It’s kind of amazing how much hidden detail and complexity there is in even the simplest software product and application ideas.  I lead a .NET user group that meets in Cambridge, MA called Beantown .NET.  Although I delegate some of the management of the group to other people, it essentially is my responsibility to…(Read More)

I was at Microsoft in Redmond, WA this week for the 2010 MVP Summit.  While I was there, some of us got a chance to do a side discussion with Barclay Hill of the VS Database Project team.  Barclay pointed out something in Visual Studio 2010’s list of Database project that I hadn’t…(Read More)

A few weeks ago, I published v0.1 of our Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 2 installation guide.  Since then, we’ve fixed a few bugs and added a walk-through for installing Team Foundation Server 2010 Virtual Lab Manager.  There are definitely more bugs to be found.  If you find bugs or run in…(Read More)

SearchWinDevelopment.com has posted another of my Team System “tips” on their site.  This one walks you through running Visual Studio Web Tests from a Team Build. Run Visual Studio Web Tests from a Team Foundation Server Build By Ben Day 13 Nov 2009 | SearchWinDevelopment.com  One of the great features of Visual Studio 2008…(Read More)

And in other Team Foundation Server 2010 news… Microsoft has teamed up with Ken Schwaber (scrum.org), the Scrum Alliance, and Accentient to create a course aimed at Scrum teams called the Scrum Developer course.  This 5-day course teaches teams and individual developers how to effectively implement Scrum using Team Foundation Server 2010 and…(Read More)