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I wrote a two part article for Visual Studio Magazine on Web Testing & Load Testing in Visual Studio 2010.  Here’s the second part.  This second part focuses on how to do Load Tests with a Load Testing Rig with an emphasis on how to actually install and configure your rig.  (Here’s the…(Read More)

It’s kind of amazing how much hidden detail and complexity there is in even the simplest software product and application ideas.  I lead a .NET user group that meets in Cambridge, MA called Beantown .NET.  Although I delegate some of the management of the group to other people, it essentially is my responsibility to…(Read More)

I was at Microsoft in Redmond, WA this week for the 2010 MVP Summit.  While I was there, some of us got a chance to do a side discussion with Barclay Hill of the VS Database Project team.  Barclay pointed out something in Visual Studio 2010’s list of Database project that I hadn’t…(Read More)

A few weeks ago, I published v0.1 of our Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 2 installation guide.  Since then, we’ve fixed a few bugs and added a walk-through for installing Team Foundation Server 2010 Virtual Lab Manager.  There are definitely more bugs to be found.  If you find bugs or run in…(Read More)

SearchWinDevelopment.com has posted another of my Team System “tips” on their site.  This one walks you through running Visual Studio Web Tests from a Team Build. Run Visual Studio Web Tests from a Team Foundation Server Build By Ben Day 13 Nov 2009 | SearchWinDevelopment.com  One of the great features of Visual Studio 2008…(Read More)

One of my clients just got featured in a Microsoft case study about Software + Services.  ITNAmerica is based in Portland, Maine and provides flexible transportation options for seniors who are no longer able to drive. The Microsoft case study features the scalability and flexibility features of ITN’s SOA-based architecture and their success with…(Read More)

Hi All —  Beantown .NET is going to be meeting on Thursday, 10/1/2009.  This month we have James Phillips coming to present “SCRUM and Team Foundation Server”.  As always, our meeting is open to everyone so bring your friends and co-workers – better yet, bring your boss. It is not required to RSVP for…(Read More)

There’s an underappreciated feature in Visual Studio 2008 Database Edition (DbPro) and that’s VsDbCmd.exe.  If you’re using DbPro to manage your database schema during development, you’re doing it with Visual Studio installed on your desktop.  When you need to deploy changes to production, you do a Database Comparison between your…(Read More)

Bill Heys, one of the co-authors of the TFS Branching Guide 2.0 has started up his own blog.  Not surprisingly, he’s talking a lot about Branching & Merging with Team Foundation Server.  Read up. -Ben…(Read More)

I’ve gotten a bunch of ‘feedback’ lately from the community about Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS).  Out of these ‘discussions’ it seems like there might be some misconceptions about VSTS & TFS.  Misconception #1: “TFS is just a source control repository” or “TFS is an expensive source control solution…(Read More)