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I just wrapped up my sessions at DevTeach Ottawa 2011.  I gave the following two talks and, as promised, here are my slides and sample code. Too Slow: Use VS2010 Profiling & Load Testing to Manage Performance Issues You thought you knew how to write fast code but your app just doesn’t perform. Massive…(Read More)

Some more news.  I’ll be speaking at DevTeach in Ottawa, ON.  The schedule isn’t 100% set in stone yet but the conference runs from 11/2/2011 through 11/4/2011 and I’ll be giving two talks. Here are the abstracts: Too Slow: Use VS2010 Profiling & Load Testing to Manage Performance…(Read More)

I was lucky enough to get to speak at TechEd Atlanta this year and I did a session on fixing performance problems using the tools in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate.  Identify & Fix Performance Problems with Visual Studio Ultimate It’s a common problem: you’re getting close to when you’re supposed to deploy…(Read More)

I wrote a two part article for Visual Studio Magazine on Web Testing & Load Testing in Visual Studio 2010.  Here’s the second part.  This second part focuses on how to do Load Tests with a Load Testing Rig with an emphasis on how to actually install and configure your rig.  (Here’s the…(Read More)

I wrote an article for Visual Studio Magazine a while back on Web Performance Tests in Visual Studio 2010.  It’s part 1 of 2.  Enjoy. In web performance tests, the addition of Loops and Conditions enables developers to write more complex and intelligent tests against their applications. For load tests, the addition of 64…(Read More)

FYI, part 1 of my Visual Studio Load Testing & Web Testing article is up on the Visual Studio Magazine site. -Ben…(Read More)

Trying to run Visual Studio 2010 Load Tests with a Load Test Rig but the tests always get stuck in the Pending state? It could be DNS problems.  Make sure that your Load Test Controller can resolve the name of all the Load Test Agent machines and vice versa.  While you’re at it, make…(Read More)

SearchWinDevelopment.com has posted another of my Team System “tips” on their site.  This one walks you through running Visual Studio Web Tests from a Team Build. Run Visual Studio Web Tests from a Team Foundation Server Build By Ben Day 13 Nov 2009 | SearchWinDevelopment.com  One of the great features of Visual Studio 2008…(Read More)

A few weeks back, I wrote a post suggesting that small companies need Team System just as much – if not more – than big companies.  In the comments for that post, I got some feedback about how pricing makes it hard for small organizations to adopt Team System. This one comes from Dave: It…(Read More)

As you may have noticed, the world economy has been a little under the weather lately.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about how the economy fits together with VSTS’s mission.  Specifically how, as Brian Randell says, “Team System is all about increasing the predictability of success”.  Team System has been pitched more at large…(Read More)