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  • My VSLive San Francisco 2009 Slides

    I spoke at VSLive San Francisco 2009 last week. Here are the talks that I did and links to download my slides: Eliminate Team Build Headaches with Unit Tests, WiX, and Virtualization You’ve got your application written. The unit tests pass on your machine. It’s time to check in. Now what? What you really want […]

  • A nice start to 2009.

    Yesterday morning was January 1st, 2009.  As I was rolling out of bed to make coffee, I stuffed my headphones in my ears and turned on the radio on my (completely functional) Zune.  I caught the tail end of a new story on NPR and then they started a new segment about helping the elderly […]

  • Slides from VSLive Dallas 2008: WiX, LINQ to SQL Architecture, Web Testing, Windows Azure

    I spoke at VSLive Dallas 2008 last week.  Here are my slides. Win and Web Installers with WiX code, slides, more  Windows Azure Tour code, slides Architect Applications End-to-End with LINQ to SQL code, slides Visual Studio Team System Web Testing slides, code/discussion -Ben — Want to run one of these talks at your company […]

  • Slides from VSLive Las Vegas 2008: WiX, TFS Reporting, TFS Customization

    I spoke last week at VSLive Las Vegas and I promised my audiences that I’d post my slides and code. (Better late than never, right?) Anyway, here it is. Serious Team Foundation Server Customization code, slides Win and Web Installers with WiX code, slides De-Mystifying Team Foundation Server Reporting code, slides The TFS Reporting demos […]

  • My slides from VSLive Orlando 2008

    I just finished up doing VSLive Orlando 2008 this week.  To all of you who were in my sessions, thanks for coming.  For those of you who missed the conference, you should go to the next VSLive. Here are my slides from this year’s talks: Win & Web App Installers with WiX De-mystifying TFS Reporting […]

  • Speaking at Code Camp 8: "WiX Installers" & "TFS: Under The Hood"

    Man! This just snuck up on me.  Code Camp 8 is in less than 7 days!  I’ll be doing two sessions.  Come by and say hello. -Ben   Date(s): 09.29.2007-09.30.2007 (GMT-5) Type: Code Camp Location: Microsoft New England District: 201 Jones Rd, 6th Floor, Waltham MA Update: 9/27/07 — Due to a scheduling problem (my fault), […]

  • WiX Shortcut Points to the Wrong File

    I ran into an interesting bug/feature/problem with my WiX 3.0 / Votive installer recently where shortcuts were pointing to the wrong file.  For example in the case of Dubbelbock TFS, I set up a shortcut to Dubbelbock.UI.exe from Startup and from “Benjamin Day Consulting, Inc” in the Programs menu.  What was happening was that rather […]