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Speaking at Code Camp 8: "WiX Installers" & "TFS: Under The Hood"

Man! This just snuck up on me.  Code Camp 8 is in less than 7 days! 

I’ll be doing two sessions.  Come by and say hello.



Date(s): 09.29.2007-09.30.2007 (GMT-5)
Type: Code Camp
Location: Microsoft New England District: 201 Jones Rd, 6th Floor, Waltham MA

Update: 9/27/07 — Due to a scheduling problem (my fault), I won’t be able to do the WiX talk this weekend.

Creating Installers For Your App Using WiX and Votive

Level: Intermediate
Speaker: Benjamin Day

You’re working on the killer app. It’s going to make enough money so you can retire by the end of next year. Only thing is it’s not practical for you to go “xcopy” it onto each of your customer’s machines. You need an installer. The “Setup And Deploy” projects in Visual Studio are – well, let’s face it – kind of lame. But then there’s WiX – Windows Installer XML. WiX allows you to build really nice and robust installers (aka. MSI’s) for your applications. (And you can make them a part of your regular TFS Team Builds, too!) In this session, Ben will show you the basics of creating WiX installers using Votive for your Windows and Web apps including creating uninstall shortcuts, writing registry settings as part of your setup, using custom icons, version upgrade logic, and more. (By the way, he’ll even show you how to make it work on Vista!)


Team Foundation Server: A Look Under the Hood

Level: Advanced
Speaker: Benjamin Day

You’re a nerd, right? (Yah…me, too.) You’re probably in the habit of taking stuff apart just so you can see how it works (or at least used to work). Wanna tear the lid off to Team Foundation Server and see what’s going on? (Hell ya!) In this session, we’ll go though some of the major customization points in TFS starting with the eventing system then digging into the TFS APIs. (We’ll probably talk about some other systems, too.) Once you have an idea of what’s going on, then you can extend and customize TFS to make it work for you and your company.


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