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ICCA Boston Panel Discussion on Microsoft Technologies.

It looks like I’m going to be making an appearance at this month’s ICCA Boston meeting.  They’re doing a panel discussion entitled “Microsoft Technology: What does it mean to your clients?” and I’m going to be a panelist. 


Microsoft Technology: What does it mean to your clients?

Clients demand ever higher levels of productivity, business value, and technology re-use from their software investments. To meet this demand, consultants need to understand how and why vendor technologies are evolving, the opportunities they offer and the pitfalls they include.

One major technology vendor is Microsoft. Join us in a panel discussion that will illuminate Microsoft’s strategic direction, survey their major technologies, and explore, in response to your questions, specific issues. With this knowledge you’ll be able to uncover new opportunities and leverage Microsoft technologies to provide greater value to your clients.

The session will cover:

  • Real world experiences using Microsoft technologies to deliver successful engagements
  • Enabling technologies such as .Net, SharePoint, Office, and SQL Server
  • Future Microsoft technologies including Windows Communications Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, “Office 12”, and Windows “Vista”

Whether or not you currently use Microsoft technology in your practice, this discussion will provide powerful insights into the technology you encounter daily.

Attend this interactive session and learn how you can be more successful. Take away technical references you can use to explore topics of interest to your clients.

Our panelists have more than 75 years of collective software experience, most of it on Microsoft technology, and…they have lived to tell about it.


Panelist Bob German, Technology Architect of Microsoft

Bob is a Technology Architect at the Microsoft Technology Center in Waltham, MA. He has worked at the MTC and with Microsoft Consulting Services for the last ten years, mainly focusing on portals and web site development. Prior to joining Microsoft, Bob worked at local Unix and Minicomputer companies on network protocol stacks and network management product development.

Panelist Bob Goodearl, President of RGood Software, Inc.

Bob is a software consultant with more than 28 years of experience in the industry as software architect, designer, and developer. While he is platform “agnostic,” he has considerable experience with Microsoft technologies and has delivered numerous solutions to clients using .Net for web applications and Windows applications.

Panelist Benjamin Day

Moderator Norman Daoust, Past President of ICCA Greater Boston


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