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Profiled on / The Boston Globe

I got profiled by The Boston Globe because of this blog and I’m on the home page for this morning. 

Pretty cool, huh?  (BTW, this post violates the consistency tenet that Phil van Allen mentions in the article but I think it’s ok just his once, right?)

But wouldn’t you know it? Right when I get my picture and a story in the paper about the blog, my ISP messes up my IP address and DNS entries and knocks out the server.  I put in a temporary DNS fix but that fix could stop working at any time.  Hopefully, people can actually hit the server today.




One response to “Profiled on / The Boston Globe”

  1. Peter Caputa Avatar

    Aahh. I get it. Your comments leave trackbacks. I clicked the trackback from my blog and thought that Ben wrote this. Now I realize that Rick wrote this. I thought Ben was saying that he knew Eric and I.

    Anywho, I sent that article to Rick as a great example of what a blog can do – if used appropriately.

    Coincidentally, our service is built on .NET and we do some similar things to some of your clients.

    I hope to meet you sometime soon, Ben. Any friend of Rick’s is a friend of mine.

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