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Great book: “Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System”

I’ve been reading everything that I can get my hands on about Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) lately since I’m developing a course.  Most of the books are excellent (for example, “Visual Studio 2005 Team System” by Jean-Luc David and Chris Bowen) but they focus on the cookbook, technical features of the product — the “what does it do?“ of VSTS/TFS.  Good for learning the individual features.

“Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System” by Sam Guckenheimer & Juan J. Perez is much more focused on the why.  The why is what helps tie all the VSTS pieces together and understand what Microsoft was thinking about when they built it. 

  • Great intro into the thought process of MSF Agile
  • Good 40,000 foot overview of the features of the VSTS / TFS features in the context of Agile development
  • Concise

Excellent book.


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