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VSLive New York 2008 — Architect LINQ To SQL End-to-End

I just wrapped up my first of two presentations at VSLive New York 2008. 

Architect Applications End-to-End with LINQ to SQL

LINQ to SQL is great for getting objects in and out of a relational database but how does it fit in to an n-tier application? Demos are great but how do you really use it?

How should my application’s tiers be organized? What are the best-practices for business objects? How do I incorporate auditing in my application? Can I use a base class for my entities? What are my options for concurrency management? How do I extend the DataContext? What are the best-practices about unit testing? What do I need to know about lazy-loading? Inheritance? How does LINQ To SQL affect my ASP.NET code?

In this session, Ben will answer these questions and more. He’ll show you what the best practices are for developing an n-tier application with LINQ to SQL and show you how your application should be architected for testability, maintenance, and performance.

Here are the links to download the materials:




— ps…If you would like to run this talk at your .NET user group or your company, give me a ping via


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