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Speaking in Shanghai about Unit Testing on September 5, 2009

FYI, if you happen to be in Shanghai, China on September 5, 2009 and feel like hearing a talk about unit testing with RhinoMocks, you’re in luck.  I’m going to be speaking at Microsoft in Shanghai on 9/5/2009 and giving my “Beyond Basic Unit Testing” talk.  Come on by. 

Beyond Basic Unit Testing: Mocks, Stubs, User Interfaces, and Refactoring for Testability

You’re sold on unit testing.  You’re even doing “test first” development.  How do your user interfaces fit into your testing plan?  Do you even unit test your user interfaces?  (Probably not.)  What about calls into separate sub-systems or calls out to web services?  Do you really need to have all those pieces running in order to test your logic?  And what are mocks and stubs anyway? 

In this session, Ben will answer these questions, show you how to test your user interfaces, and also show you how using mocks objects and stubs can help simplify your tests. 



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