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Beantown .NET meeting on Thursday, 2/11/2010: Rjae Easton, "Parallelism Zen for .NET Developers"

Beantown .NET is going to be meeting next Thursday, 2/11/2010.  This month we have Rjae Easton presenting “Parallelism Zen for .NET Developers”. 

As always, our meeting is open to everyone so bring your friends and co-workers – better yet, bring your boss. It is not required to RSVP for our meetings but if you know you’re coming, please RSVP by email by 3pm on the day of the meeting to help speed your way through building security and to give us an idea how much pizza to order.

Future meetings:

– March 4 – James Phillips, Entity Framework, WCF, & Unit Testing

– April 1 – TBA

– May 6 – TBA


When: Thursday, 2/11/10, 6p – 8p


Microsoft NERD

1 Memorial Drive

Cambridge, MA


Parking: Paid parking is available in 1 Memorial Drive. 

Title: Parallelism Zen for .NET Developers


So here’s the question: if Moore’s law is indeed bounded by quantum tunneling, then how the heck are we supposed to produce higher performing and more scalable systems. Well, the answer is upon is: put more and more processors into our systems. Multi-core systems are now ubiquitous and some projections talk about 64 to 128 cores as commonplace on the server in the very near future.

But that’s not a complete solution, is it? Until we write software to harness multiple cores, we are bounded by the speed of a single processor and a single unit of work. This presentation is about how use parallelism constructs in .NET Framework 4.0 to produce truly concurrent processing. We will test the differences between unbounded threading and work-stealing thread pools, see how to partition compute-bound operations by structure and by data, and examine synchronization and exception handling in a parallel programming model.

There’s going to be lots of code, mostly code, so if you would rather see bar graphs and theory this is not the talk for you.


Rjae has been a software developer for 23 years now, but still gets carded. He has had many opportunities to manage, but has eschewed them all because somebody has to write the code. Rjae is methodology agnostic and prefers to focus on three practices: free-flowing communication, test-driven development, and cleaning code every single day.

Rjae works with a network other Zen programmers to provide solutions for finance, healthcare, and various other industries. He is currently writing a book titled: Test Driven Development Zen.


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