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Team Foundation Server 2010 – Team Build fails because build log file already exists

I ran in to a problem this morning with a TFS2010 Build.  The build ran and was looking like it was going to succeed and then at the very end I got an error saying

– The file ‘\bendaytfs2010dropBendayUserGroupManager CIBendayUserGroupManager CI_20100420.1logsBendayUserGroupManager.log’ already exists.
– Cannot cancel the workflow. Agent needs to be restarted. Details: The operation could not be performed because WorkflowApplication d3c4ea33-6624-4049-83c6-f6320d818f03 is aborted.


I that first error seems a little odd.  The build’s choking on the copy files to the drop directory but how could there already be a log file in the build drop directory?  Since the next error said workflow, I was worried that I’d messed up the workflow for my build somehow. 

The answer was a lot simpler.  I only thought that I’d created the build drop directory share.  (Well, there’s your problem!)  I created the share and gave the build user read/write permissions on the share and the directory and Voila! it works.



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