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Free course! Predicting the Future, Estimating, and Running Your Projects with Flow Metrics (11/8/2012): “4 Short Talks by 4 Different Speakers” @ NERD is meeting tomorrow at Microsoft NERD in Cambridge from 6pm to 8p.  This month we’re doing “4 Short Talks by 4 Different Speakers”. 

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LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE! (…or something.)  It’s four short talks by four different speakers!  (Alternate title: “The Night of Two Robs, One Karl, and a Larry.”)

Here are the talks:

  • “Web Asset Bundling in VS2012” by Rob Martinez
  • “ASP.NET Rendering for Desktop & Mobile” by Karl Schwirz
  • “SVG Graphics with D3” by Larry Spencer
  • “Creating Restful Web Services with the Web API” by Rob Daigneau

I hope you can join us.  Here are the abstracts and speaker bios.


“Web Asset Bundling in VS2012”

Visual Studio 2012 has added new features for bundling Javascript and CSS files. We’ll go into how you can use this new feature to improve your development and deploy process. We’ll also touch on automating the integration with langauges such as CoffeeScript, LESS and SASS.


Rob Martinez is a Senior Consultant at Northpoint Solutions. He is a forward thinking architect and developer with a passion for emerging technologies and development tools. Rob specializes in delivering highly scalable enterprise-level applications with a focus on content delivery and the Microsoft stack.

“ASP.NET Rendering for Desktop & Mobile”

In the recent years the mobile market has exploded.  We now find ourselves developing websites to two different audiences,  the desktop and mobile.  With the recent release of MVC 4 and .NET 4.5  there is now the built in capacity to see a site as a mobile or desktop view.  We’ll go over the new rendering system followed by a demo on how this all comes together.


Karl Schwirz is a Consultant for Tallan Inc. and a graduate from the University of Connecticut.  With a primarily focus on the .NET stack, he has delivered enterprise-level applications through ASP.NET, MVC3, and BizTalk.  He continues to absorb and learn new technologies in a continuing effort to deliver the highest quality products to his clients.

“SVG Graphics with D3”

What could sound more boring than “Data Driven Documents” or D3? It turns out that the JavaScript library with that unassuming name is doing for SVG graphics what JQuery did for everything else: making it easy, productive and fun. In this session, we’ll write a game that draws shapes, responds to events and even features animation. We’ll also see how D3 can turn dull business graphs into dynamic, engaging experiences.


Larry Spencer has been developing on Microsoft platforms since 1986, as a programmer, manager, consultant and mentor. An engaging speaker, he has presented at three New England Code Camps, The Architect Factory 3, Tech Briefs for his company, and academic settings. He is a graduate of Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, where he studied math and economics.

“Creating Restful Web Services with the Web API”

The Web API makes it relatively simple to design and build business functions that can be used with a broad array of clients from desktops, to smart-phones, to tablets. These clients may leverage WPF, Silverlight, HTML5, or technologies on other platforms like Java. In this short talk, you’ll be introduced to Microsoft’s new Web API which will enable you to build scalable, cross-platform interoperable web services that can be deployed to Azure.


Rob Daigneau has more than 20 years’ experience designing and implementing applications and products for a broad array of industries from financial services, to manufacturing, to retail and travel. He is the Practice Lead for Slalom Consulting’s App-Dev practice in Boston. Prior to Slalom, Rob served in such prominent positions as Director of Architecture for, and Manager of Application Development at Fidelity Investments. Rob is the author of the best-selling book Service Design Patterns released by Addison Wesley on the Martin Fowler Signature Series. He was recently selected as a Microsoft MVP in Connected Systems, and has been known to speak at a conference or two.


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