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VSLive Las Vegas 2013: “Design for Testability” slides & code

I just wrapped up at VSLive Las Vegas 2013 and, as promised, here are my slides and code samples from the “Design for Testability: Mocks, Stubs, Refactoring, and User Interfaces” talk. 

Design for Testability: Mocks, Stubs, Refactoring, and User Interfaces

You’re sold on unit testing. You’re even doing “test first” development – but there are always those nagging questions. How do your user interfaces fit into your testing plan? Do I have to call my database in order to have a good, solid test? What about calls into separate sub-systems or calls out to web services? Do you really need to have all those pieces running in order to test your logic? Are my UI tests the same for WPF, Windows Forms, Windows Phone, Win RT, and ASP.NET? What do I do about that app that doesn’t have any tests?

In this session, Ben will start by clarifying the difference between “unit” and “integration” tests. After that, he’ll demonstrate how using dependency injection, mocks objects and stubs can help break dependencies and simplify your tests. Throughout the talk, you can expect to hear a lot about design patterns, how much code coverage is enough, and the fine line between too much and too little object mocking.




— Looking for help getting going on unit testing, integration testing, and Coded UI testing?  Want to raise your testing game?  Got an ‘untestable’ app that you’d like to start testing?  Drop us a line at


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