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TFS2013: Ways to add a linked child Task a Product Backlog Item (PBI)

A couple of days ago a customer asked me what the best way to add new Task to a Product Backlog Item (PBI) during the Daily Scrum meeting or a Scrum Sprint Planning meeting.  When I started working on the reply, I realized that there are quite a few ways to add a related child work item to a PBI in Team Foundation Server (TFS).  Here’s the list that I came up with. 

1) From the Sprint Planner, click the add button for the PBI


2) From the Scrum Board view, click the add task button.

3) From a PBI in the web interface, use the “New Linked Work Item” button.

4) In Visual Studio, open the PBI and right-click pretty much whitespace and choose “New Linked Work Item…”

5) In Excel, select the PBI and then click the Add Child button




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One response to “TFS2013: Ways to add a linked child Task a Product Backlog Item (PBI)”

  1. Arco Avatar

    However, there is no easy way to add a WIT in a query result!
    I wished that each WIT in the result had an add button just like this first example!

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