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“How do I update my TFS2017 build agents?”

I got a question recently asking how to make sure that your on-premise Team Foundation Server 2017 build agents are up to date.  If you’ve installed a bunch of build agents over time, you’ll notice that when you go to download the bits, that the version number sometimes changes.  They generally stay up to date by themselves but sometimes you want to force them to update.

Updating your build agents is really easy but it’s a little bit hidden.

Step 1: Open a browser and go to your TFS web interface.  By default this is http://servername:8080/tfs

Step 2: Click on the gear icon to go to settings.

Step 3: Click on Agent Pools

Step 4: Your build agents are organized into pools.  By default you’ve got a pool named “Default”.  You might have created other pools, too.  Right-click on the agent pool that you want to update.  Choose Update All Agents from the context menu.

That’s it.  Your agents will update themselves.  Simple.

I hope this helped.



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3 responses to ““How do I update my TFS2017 build agents?””

  1. J. Preiss Avatar
    J. Preiss

    In theory, that would have helped… unfortunately, all the command oviously does is to popup a message.

  2. Tom Avatar

    This only works for minor version updates, I had to manually update the agent by removing old agent and downloading the new and running config.cmd. I copied the settings file and just used all the same names and it asked to overwrite old agent…my agent.Version went from 1.105.7 to 2.122.1

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