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VSLive Austin 2017: Entity Framework Core for Enterprise Applications

I just wrapped up doing my new Entity Framework Core for Enterprise Applications talk at VSLive Austin 2017.  I had a lot more content that I could have ever possibly covered in 75 minutes.  As promised, here are the slides and EF Core code samples for that talk.

Entity Framework for Enterprise Applications

What do you do when your simple Entity Framework app isn’t so simple anymore?  The entity relationships are starting to get complex.  You’re getting worried about performance problems.  Can you even use Entity Framework in a high-performance, scalable web application?

In this session, we’ll go beyond the simple Code First entity framework cases and start get into more complex class designs and relationships.  We’ll talk about how to handle the sticky issues around lazy-loading, concurrency, cascading deletes, occasional connectedness, and performance testing.  Plus, along the way we’ll talk strategy for DevOps, stored procedures, unit testing, and incremental deployment, too.

(slides) (code)

If you were there, thanks for coming and I hope you enjoyed the talk.



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