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Case Study: Scrum @ Intralinks

A while back, we helped out at Intralinks to help them revive & reinvigorate their use of Scrum for delivering done, working software.  Our part of the effort was to train approximately 200 of their software developers, software testers, and managers.  This was all done over a couple months using’s Professional Scrum Foundations for Teams course and Professional Scrum Product Owner course.

Well, we’re pleased to announce that this turned into a case study.

Intralinks Case Study: Scrum Reboot This Time With The Values

In their first attempt at attaining agility, Intralinks took a well-intentioned “mechanical” implementation of Scrum – done in good faith and with lots of hard work – but failed to deliver against their goal of greater agility. So, they took on a “Scrum Reboot” and succeeded by augmenting the mechanics of Scrum with the fundamental idea of inspection and adaptation and the Scrum Values of Courage, Focus, Openness, Respect and Commitment. These provided the cultural environment necessary for success. Intralinks made the Scrum Values real by focusing on six principles: 1) Self-organization, 2) Done means done, 3) Empowered Product Owners, 4) Servant-leader Scrum Masters, 5) Scrum Team ownership for adaption, 6) The delivery of business value

Here’s a link to that case study.



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