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Shovel: Database Utilities for SQL Server

I’d like to introduce some utilities that I wrote to help SQL Server developers that I’m calling “Shovel”. You can install it by going to the Microsoft Store or by downloading a ZIP.

In version 1, there are two collections of features: Database Schema Search and Data Export. I’ve created a couple of videos to give you a tour of the features.

  • Search Schema Search Features (video tour)
    • Find Text Anywhere
    • Search by Table Name
    • Search by Column Name
    • Search by Stored Procedure Name
    • Search by Stored Procedure Parameter Name
    • Search by Stored Procedure Code
    • View Table Description
    • View Stored Procedure Code
  • Data Export Features (video tour)
    • Export Query Results as INSERT script
    • Export Query Results as IDENTITY INSERT script
    • Export Query as MERGE INTO script (aka. UPDATE script)

I hope you like it and find it useful. If you have suggestions for new features or run into problems with Shovel, please let me know.


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